Aerial Fitness Boutique - About Us

Welcome to Aerial Fitness Boutique - Greensboro, North Carolina's first and only Pole Dance Studio! Located within fitness1studios, one of the largest, private personal training studios on the East Coast, Aerial Fitness Boutique uses Pole Dance Exercise to promote fitness and fun for woman of all ages.

fitness1studios is owned and operated by Sabrina Woods and her husband, David Hill. Sabrina is a certified personal trainer with 18+ years of industry experience and is as good as they get when it comes to helping you achieve the results you are looking for. Her additional background in dance, ballet and gymnastics make Sabrina an incredibly effective instructor.

The studio was the perfect place to open Greensboro, North Carolina's first Pole Dance facility with 11 polished steel poles. These aren't you're typical poles either. They are professionally installed 17' poles. Their height means that you can learn moves comfortably and practice climbs and higher inverts without having to worry about a ceiling getting in your way.

We offer classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced as well as hosting Birthday's, Bachelorette Parties, Girl's Night Out, etc. - no matter what the occasion, you can't image how much fun you'll have! So don't pass up the opportunity to meet some great new friends and participate in something you're sure to love.

Be sure to check out our class schedule for more information on individual or group sessions and view the current monthly calendar. If you have questions about anything, please visit our contact page and send us an email.

So Why Pole Fitness?
Sabrina has always been interested in trying to incorporate new and fun ideas into her training. Once she tried this for herself, she knew that it was something she wanted to bring to this area to share in the fun with everyone else. Since opening, the response has been fantastic and everyone that stopped in for a class or party has had a blast.

Sabrina We now offer classes for those that are interested in just starting out to see if you might like it all the way up to those for the more advanced who are looking to improve on their Scorpio or Superman. In addition to classes, we offer Pole Parties which have been nothing short of a hit. Going Away, Welcome Home, Birthday, Bachelorette, etc. No matter what the occasion, are Pole Parties with Sabrina are the best! Not only is she a fantastic instructor and communicator, but she enjoys seeing everyone have a good time and that is something that your guaranteed to do!

Be sure to check out our Class and Party sections for more information or view our pictures to see how much fun everyone else is already having. You'll meet a lot of great new friends, so we hope that you'll join us soon!

Where Are We Located?
We are located in Pomona Business Park at 307 Pomona Drive - Suite E, Greensboro, NC 27407. This is near West Market St. and just off of Spring Garden. Our location is in a prefect spot to get to quickly from any area in Greensboro with Wendover Ave. being just around the corner from our building.